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Create 3 Personal Branding Headshots in 45 mins

Christine Rizzo and I ironically crossed path years ago at a party we were both working for an MLB player. Her as the musician singing with her band and myself as the photographer. Fast forward 5 years later and she's hiring me to take her personal branding headshots for her new mobile reiki business Resonant.

Create 3 Personal Branding Headshots in 45 mins

As a small business owner, your time is valuable as you juggle and balance all your daily tasks. That's why I created The Headshot session. This session is designed specifically for the working professional who needs a new or updated headshot or someone who needs 1-5 images for their website or branding needs.

Two ways you can use your personal branding images on your website.

During the 45 minute headshot session, we will walk around and take photos in areas we’re drawn to.

In order to create a variety of looks, it'll be important for you to adjust your gaze often. Don't stare and smile into the camera for every shot. Look at the camera, then over to your left, then right, or across the room. This creates a more candid and natural feel in your final products.

To maximize your time try to keep to one outfit or one quick top change.

PRO TIP: Bring a coat or blazer to change up your look.

Not sure what to where? Here are 6 TIPS to help you select your outfit.

Check out what Christine picked.

When you receive your photo proofing link you will see all of your top images to select from. You are in complete control of how many images you may select.

They are amazing! You executed my vision brilliantly. You are a goddess and I am eternally grateful. I can't wait to get home and download them! You rock. - Christine

Ready to take your Updated Headshots?!

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