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My Favorite Headshot Location in Scottsdale

"Where is your favorite location to take headshots?"

"Where should I take my headshots?"

"Do you have any headshot location ideas?!"

After hearing these questions over and over again, I have decided to share my favorite outdoor headshot location with you!

smiling woman posing for a headshot
Small Business Owner Portrait

If you live in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area and are looking for a photo shoot location that offers a clean, natural, industrial setting with a little bit of everything, then the Market Street at DC Ranch might be the spot for you!

Their website states that "Market Street is a mixed-use neighborhood center featuring office, retail and entertainment within DC Ranch. Designed as a rustic, small-town center, Market Street features a main street theme incorporating architecturally unique buildings and a variety of distinctive restaurants, shops, office and neighborhood conveniences all intimately tied together."

Things to keep in mind when selecting your headshot location

Due to the nature of this location, it's important to keep in mind the day and time of day you shoot to avoid busy streets and foot traffic.

Not only can this make it difficult to capture clean photos, it can also be a distraction to the subject. No one wants to feel like they are being watched while they're trying to take their headshot.

Whether a client is going for an industrial business professional look or something warm and natural, I'm always sure to a find a few great spots to capture my clients looks.

Explore some of my favorite areas below.

Live in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area and are ready to update your headshot?

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