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It's Time to Update Your Professional Headshot

Business Casual Headshot
Business Casual Headshot

It's Time to Update Your Professional Headshot

How many job offers have you missed because your LinkedIn photo blends in with the crowd?

How many times have you looked at your profile or signature photo and thought, this doesn't even look like me anymore?

Or heck, when was the last time you've updated your profile pic?

Until you hire a professional photographer, you're going to be stuck with the same boring, dark, unflattering picture of you.

Hire Professional Headshot Photographer

We all want the perfect personal branding image of ourselves. The one where we're having a great hair day, our skin is glowing and we found that perfect outfit that fits in all the right spots. I'm telling you, this is possible! Especially when working with a headshot photographer who prides themselves on ensuring you'll walk away with an image you'll be proud of.

During our discovery consultation I will take the time to get to know you a bit so you aren't trying to take this high priority image with some random photographer. We'll discuss locations, wardrobe options, create a custom mood board. Heck, I don't even limit you with a time frame once we're on set. My ultimate goal is to create an environment for us to be comfortable, confident & to have fun!

Jennifer made me feel like a freaking rock star and was sensitive to my worries. She was able to get the angles that looked the best and where I felt the best.

After our photoshoot you'll be able to see all your images online in your client proofing portal where you'll be able to narrow down to your strongest images. Where then I will go in and do all the cleaning up, because let's face it, when we freeze a moment in time, we're able to see things we don't normally see.

Think of it this way, for the same price you're spending on all of those your filters you're hiding behind, you could be hiring me to take your professional business headshot.

If you're someone who takes pride in their online presence and is looking for a professional, relatable and natural portrait, it's time to hire a professional photographer to update your headshot.


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