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4 Benefits of Taking Your Professional Headshot in At Home

Corporate Headshot on Black Backdrop
Corporate Headshot on Black V-Flat Backdrop

Meet Sharon. Sharon works for a software development company and was in need of an updated professional headshot with a modern feel.

In her initial inquiry, Sharon shared a few head shot examples where the subject was either on a black or dark grey backdrop but wasn't sure if she would need to book a studio to create this look or not.

Let's Setup a Mini Studio in Your Living Room

As an on location headshot photographer, I am setup to meet my clients at all type of locations, including their own home. Let me explain.

Depending on the size of your living spaces, we can setup a mini studio in your home. The ideal space should be a minimum of 12ft long by 10ft wide (depending on backdrop choice) and have ceilings higher than 8ft to handle all the equipment.

I will setup one or two lights on lightstands that are battery powered, a reflector, my laptop so you can see yourself and of course the backdrop.

In the example below I am using a V-Flat with the black as our backdrop as well as negative fill on the right side of her face to create a more edgy, dark feel. I then used a second V-Flat with the white side facing out folded down low for a bit of a bounce. For the lighting, I went with 1 Godox AD400 with a 34.5" Godox P90L Parabolic Softbox.

behind the scenes of headshot setup
I always ask that a client send me a few cellphone photos of a few large areas where they think we'd be able to shoot.

4 Benefits of Taking Your Professional Headshot At Home

  1. We are on your turf. You don't have to worry about posing in front of strangers...only your husband or kids eating lunch in the kitchen.

  2. You are footsteps away from your own bathroom and closet. You can quickly change an outfit, fix your hair, or adjust your makeup with all your regular supplies!

  3. Climate control. Whether it's 102 or 48 degrees out, you can always control the weather inside.

  4. Budget friendly. My equipment rate is much less than a studio rental.

PROTIP: Have your favorite playlist playing in the background.

Ready to book your Corporate Headshot photo session?!

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