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How to CRUSH Your Graduation Session

Graduation couple spraying champagne in front of old main
Champagne Makes Everything Better!

You did it! You’ve worked hard, studied for hours, and now… you’re graduating!

If you’re anything like me you’ve been thinking about your graduation announcement for months. You’ve been screenshotting your friends graduation pictures, making note of unique locations, pinning cute ideas on how to decorate your cap, and learning how to pose.

The time is finally here and you want your family and friends to see you as successful, confident and lets face it, attractive! So how do you prepare for your actual photo shoot?

How to CRUSH Your Graduation Session

If you haven’t already started a Pinterest board, now’s the time. Pinterest is amazing for finding inspiration on outfits, poses, props and location ideas. Here's my graduation inspiration board to get you started.

Jennifer's Graduation Pinterest Board GET INSPIRED!

Which came first, the outfit choice or the location?! Do you base your location off the perfect outfit you found? Or do you select your outfit after you select your location?! Either way, both are important decisions to make.


When you close your eyes and envision your graduation photo shoot, where are you?

Are you smiling in a beautiful desert scene at sunset? Are you spraying champagne in front of Old Main on campus? Are you at a special place where you spend of a lot of time with friends or classmates?

Research Local Arboretums & Botanical Gardens for Well Groomed Locations

Your shoot location should make you eager to not only have your photos taken there, but to have them framed in your home as a small reminder of this amazing accomplishment and time of your life.

Are you still struggling to envision your perfect location? Or maybe you you need some guidance on how to narrow down a look for your shoot location, take a look at this article.

How To Select Your Graduation Photo Shoot Location