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How To Select Your Graduation Photo Shoot Location

Which came first, the outfit choice or the location?! Do you base your location off the perfect outfit you found? Or do you pick your outfit after you select your location?! Either way, both are important decisions to make. This article is aimed at helping guide you through selecting your location.

The location you select should make you eager to not only have your photos taken there, but to have them framed in your home. When you envision your graduation session, where do you see yourself? Close your eyes and think about your dream photo shoot.

Where Do You Envision Your Photos?

Are you standing in front of a historical monument on your school campus? Are you standing in the middle of a beautiful desert scene with the sun setting in the distance? Are you walking by the street art downtown on Roosevelt Row?

Struggling to envision a scene? There’s this game I like to play with my clients called This or That. Want to try it out and see what your answers reveal?!

Download my FREE This or That Guide to help you narrow down a vision for your graduation session.

If you’re unsure of your location is worthy of your photo shoot or not, do a quick drive by and scout your spot to see if the area offers variety in photo options, is clean, well groomed and has minimal distractions or clutter. Unless you’re going for this specific look, I always try to avoid high trafficked areas, poles, fences, cars driving by, etc.

You may have already thought about this, but it’s also important to consider the traffic of the location paired with your personality type. If you’re the outgoing grad who embraces dancing in front of others, than more power to ya…if you’re more timid, which by no means is a bad thing, than it’s important to keep in mind that a busier location or high traffic day/time of day could lead to potential on lookers.

At the end of the day you deserve to have the most beautiful images to remember your milestone. Make sure your location will allow you to feel comfortable, confident and excited!

Ready to book your Graduation Portrait Session?!

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