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Young, Wild & Free | High School Graduation Session

Graduation Photos
Sunset Graduation Photos

It's senior photo season and what better way to celebrate your accomplishment then with a graduation photo shoot!! I mean what's not to love?! Getting all dolled up, having your own personal paparazzi, walking around a beautiful outdoor location at sunset with me!! LOL jk jk but really, don't pass up at the opportunity to invest in a graduation session that will forever document this special time in your life.


Not sure where to shoot? Not sure what to wear? Don't worry, whether you book a 30 minute or 60 minute photo session I will help guide you through your full graduation shoot experience. We'll start by developing a mood board, finding the perfect location and honing in your outfits!

Wait, what's a Mood Board you ask?

A mood board is a visual presentation or 'collage' consisting of images, in our case, that communicates your vision for your session. Anything from location ideas, wardrobe, poses to do, props, color schemes, backgrounds, etc etc.

For this I love using Pinterest. There are so much inspiration out there ready for you to find!

Graduation photo shoots are not only the perfect way to celebrate your accomplishment but are also a fun experience to share with your folks! When Anna's mom Kristin reached out about doing Anna's graduation photos, I doubt she thought she'd be joining in and was so glad she had!

Need some inspiration?!

Check out how Anna CRUSHED her senior photo shoot!

Like what you see?! Save it for inspiration by Pinning the images below!

Sunset Graduation Photo Ideas

Arizona Graduation Photo Ideas

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