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Tatum | Graduation Session

I was so happy when Tatum reached out to me to take her ASU graduation photos. This blonde goddess is simply stunning and hardly even knows it! Tatum had her mom come with us to the shoot, which always makes it special for both the graduate and the parent. Plus you know what this means for me?! Extra hands to hold the light reflector!!

When we began her senior photo shoot around the ASU campus, Tatum was timid, nervous and as is most women are, self conscious about everything. I knew immediately I needed to get this girl to relax and put her guard down. I opened my phone to begin playing some music from Spotify and she instantly began to relax and let loose a bit.

Being a photographer is so much more than pushing a button. To me, it's about creating an environment for your subject to flourish. They're paying you to capture them at their best. As a professional, we have all the equipment and resources, but you also need the personality and ability to allow your subject to be themselves as well. The moment you can get your them to relax, is the moment you begin to capture magic!




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