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How To Put Together a Styled Family Session

Desert Family Photo Shoot in Scottsdale
It's Holiday Photo Season!

How to put together a styled photoshoot shoot

Start by selecting a color palette that not only matches your photo shoot location but one that will flatter everyone in your photo. Choose 2 to 3 colors that compliment one another. For example:

  • Tan, Neutral and Olive

  • Rust, Teal and Ivory

  • Grey, Tan and Black

  • Burgundy, Mustard, Navy

If you're struggling to come up with ideas, head over to this Pinterest Board for inspiration.

Once you have good direction on the color tones you're going for, begin digging into everyone's closet to find pieces that match your scheme. Grab all items that you think could work! Shirts, blouses, pants, jackets, skirts, dresses, etc!

Lay out all your finds and begin creating everyone's looks! Sometimes it helps to start with one family member then build around that person. So if you start with yourself, begin creating your outfit then move on to your significant other and so on.

Be sure to mix in patterns, textures and different materials to really build layers and depth to your final look.

A good rule of thumb is to select 2 different patterns and/or textures for every 1 solid. For example if someone is wearing a floral patterned dress, keep others in a solid top and add a hair bow or a jean jacket for added texture. Or if someone is wearing a plaid or stripped shirt, put 2 others in solid colors that are in this shirt and layer others with a patterned scarf, cardigan or jacket.

Once you feel like you're in a good spot, take a step back and ask yourself, do these work well together? Does this feel like our family? Is there any item that is an eye sore? If so, pull it! If it jumps out here, it's only gonna be worse in the photos.

4 Things to Avoid When Styling Your Outfits

  1. Neon Colors

  2. Gaudy Prints or Patterns

  3. Big Logos

  4. Everyone in Denim!

These may seem fun and festive at the time, but often are trendy and can ultimately date your photos.

Making the extra effort to coordinate everyone's outfits and hiring a hair and makeup artist will make a dramatic impact on your holiday photos.

When Rosie reached out for their family session, I was pumped. This marks the 3rd time shooting with these guys and they continue to bring their A game for family photos as Rosie styled her family wonderfully!


Ready to book your family photo session?!

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