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Graduation Portrait Session | 2 Hour / 2 Locations

Rosie is all smiles during her 2 hour - 2 location senior photo session

Are you graduating and ready to go out with a bang?! Why not go all out with a 2 hour photo shoot at 2 different locations!

Rosie and I started at the Grand Canyon University campus where we focused on the more traditional graduation photos in her cap and gown. We walked around the campus with her folks taking photos in areas that meant something to her during her time at school.

Take a look at part #1!

We then hopped in our cars and made our way over to South Mountain where we captured a desert scene with sunset feels!

At this point, we decided to ditch the her gown and only wear her sash. I always suggest this look because let's be honest, there's nothing flattering about our graduation gowns. We also started to utilize all the cute props she brought; a message board, balloons and champagne!

Part #2!


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