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2 Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Photo Shoot Location

Meet Zoe.

Dr. Zoe is an accomplished doctor who specializes in plastic surgery who was in need of a variety of images to represent her professional brand as she opened her own practice. Specifically, for her new website and online profile photos.


During our discovery period Dr. Zoe shared how she envisioned her photos having desert scenes, green backdrops with cactus and other outdoor textures.

When helping clients find their best location for a headshot session, it's important to think about the location as a whole.

TIP #1

The time of day you shoot.

It's important to think about all variables surrounding the time day you're planning to shoot. Everything from the lighting, weather conditions and traffic of people or vehicles will effect your images.

When Dr Zoe and I shot it was the middle of the summer here in Arizona which meant 100+ degree temps by 9am. Not only was my goal to try and to prevent blown out backgrounds but also any sweating. With all this in mind we were able to schedule her hair and makeup first thing in the morning and met shortly after the sun had started melting everything.

TIP #2

Distracting Backgrounds.

It's amazing how many times we see distracting elements in images that completely ruin the impact of an image. Distractions like people walking by, power lines, limbs of plants growing out of your subjects head, garbage cans, vehicles driving past, store front signs.

All these distractions are easily avoided if you take a moment to evaluate the full scene of your image. In my experience, I have never had a client get upset with me as I've paused to allow a couple behind us walk by or had them take 2 steps to the right because the cactus limb was growing out of their head.


What does your current profile picture say about you? Is it engaging enough to stop a potential client? Is it professional? Are your current clients or community taking you seriously? Don't worry, I got you covered. Book your next head shot session today!

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