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Meet Julia | ASU Graduation Photos

Julia crushed her 30 minutes graduation photo shoot at the ASU campus! She showed up all smiles, looking gorgeous and ready to go with her decorated cap, steamed gown and sash!


Here’s a tidbit that may come as a surprise to you, half of my grads pull out their sash and gown from the bag as they arrive to their session.


Don’t be that person! Be sure to take your grad swag out of the bag, gather all of your outfits and either iron/steam them or send them off to the dry cleaners prior to your photoshoot. Wrinkles on your clothing is a sure sign of being unprepared.

Ready to book your Arizona Graduation Photo Session?

Collage of Photos from Graduation Session
How to prepare of your graduation photo shoot

Graduation Photo Shoot collage
Save me for later - how to prepare of your graduation photo shoot

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