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Is it time for a New Head Shot? Take the Head Shot Quiz!

Headshot Quiz Graphic
What does your headshot say about you?

A profile picture is an image that represents your personal or business account and creates a visual association for your brand. Nearly all online platforms and applications require a profile photo; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bumble, Uber, Twitter… You get the point.

So what does your current profile picture say about you? Is it engaging enough to stop a potential client? Is it professional? Are your current clients or community taking you seriously?

Because our personal or business branding is so imperative we should all consider hiring a professional to take our portrait. If you’re unsure if it is time to update your current profile photo, here’s a few questions to ask yourself:


  1. Is my headshot/profile picture over 3 years old? YES or NO

  2. Is my headshot/profile picture a selfie or was it taken with a cellphone? YES or NO

  3. Am I wearing an old company logo? YES or NO

  4. Am I using a previous companies headshot? YES or NO

  5. Does my headshot/profile picture look like me? Have I aged? Does it match my current hair color, hair style, facial hair, etc? YES or NO

  6. Is someone cropped out of my headshot/profile picture? YES or NO

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you should consider hiring a professional to update your head shot.

Let me guide you through your headshot session. Not only do I understand the importance of working with a photographer who will quickly allow you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will also take the time to prepare you ensuring we capture a well thought out, engaging portrait that you will be proud to represent your online presence and showcase your personality.



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