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How to Create a Library of Images in One Photo Shoot

Creating variety in a one photo shoot is easier than you thought. Learn how Bobby and I approach his brand shoots.

Remember how simple photos use to be before social media? You'd take your roll of film to Walgreens, have it developed then after a few days you'd get your images back. Maybe you'd frame a handful of them, hang them in your lockers at school or organize them into your photo albums and scrapbooks. Oh...those where the good ole days!

Now, it seems we can't have enough photos and are constantly looking to see what photos other people are posting. "I need a catchy photo to share on my Instagram to stay relevant." "Did you see her last Facebook post?" Oh and let's not forget about our websites, blog, and email marketing. I'm stressing out just writing this. We are living in a time where we are in constant need of new images to post.

With this new need for content, everyone is on the hunt for new and exciting images to share, but how do we create a variety of images during one photo shoot to last at least a month? I'll let you in on a little secret; a solid location, multiple outfits and props.

Bobby's and I latest shoot marked our 1 year shooting anniversary. It's crazy to think of all the shoots we've done together, he still manages to come up with fresh new outfits, props and ideas. When I asked him how he does it, he simple replied, "I just pair a lot of stuff together."

Preparing for a photo shoot

When I asked him how he does it, he simple replied, "I just pair a lot of stuff together."

As simple as that sounds, that's exactly what I tell my clients during our Discovery Call. The best thing you can do is create a list of poses, actions and props you're looking to capture then pair each of them all with a different outfit or variation of an outfit. Maybe for some you're wearing a hat or a jacket, then the next you put up your hair into a pony tail.

Utilizing different props, changing your shoes or a complete outfit change is a great way to ensure all your photos won't look like you shot them in the same day.

Need more photos to post? Hire a photographer who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and capture photo you will actually use.

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