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Head Shots | 30 Minutes w/Jacqui

Jacqueline and I first met in 2016 when she hired me to take her 2016 graduation portraits. We had a blast walking around Old Main at ASU laughing and talking how she was going to audition to be on the Rattlers cheer squad. We made sure during her grad session to also take a few headshots for her to use. In 2017 Jacqui reached back out again with exciting news that she was going to be audition to be an Arizona Coyotes squad.

Now planning to audition for the 2020 Arizona Cardinals dance team, Jacqui again needed the perfect head shot to help her stand out among the other talented applicants.

Developing long term relationships with my clients by documenting various moments in their lives has become such a rewarding experience. Not only do I get to be a part of their growth over the years but every time we shoot, I can see they are that much more comfortable and confident in front of my camera.

Let's update your head shot today! Learn more.

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