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Family Photos
Selecting outfits for a family photo sessions is always a big dilemma but really isn't as scary as it seems.

Sitting in the Arizona Coyotes photo workroom and a fellow photographer leans over his computer and quietly asks, do you by chance take family photos? I've been taking my families holiday photos every year, but thought it could be fun to have someone else take them this year.

Flattered to have a fellow photographer trust me with his family, I was mostly shocked Adam had been the one taking their family photos the all these years! That takes some serious juggling between being Dad and Photographer!

During our discovery period, Jezel spoke of visions of fall colors and fall scenes at a local farm or rustic venue. She told me how her little ones were into dancing to music and how they all planned to wear blushing pink dresses. Can you imagine how excited I was getting for this shoot?!

Jezel coordinated her family photos seamlessly with various shades of pink and ruffles on all the girls outfits. Even Adam joined in on the pink with his tie and socks.

After a quick family introduction, mom and dad started playing a playlist I asked them to put together of the the girls favorite songs and we were off! Dancing, skipping and genuine candid moments made for a beautiful family portrait session at The Farm at Agritopia.

No two shoots are ever the same. Every family is unique in their own special way and every shoot is catered around that. Book your next family photo session now!

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