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Easy Tricks When Shooting with Kids

Let's face it, boys will be boys! Getting them to cooperate during a family photo shoot is quite the challenge. Especially for a random person asking them to smile for the camera! Learn how to tackle this daunting challenge.

Matt and Shae have a close spot in my heart as Matt is the youngest brother to my best friend. Seeing him all grown up with this beautiful wife, Shae and adorable boys, Beau and Riley made this family portrait session that much more special for me.

During our Discovery call, Shae emphasized the importance of shooting at the park near their home where they often go to play. She expressed how her oldest Beau loves to ride his bike and how she wants to capture these precious moments of this time of their lives.

This was music to my ears! Not only were they speaking my language of capturing genuine moments but she provided the solution to my biggest challenge when shooting with kids - How do we keep your kiddos engaged during the course of our shoot? A bike!