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6 Simple Prop Ideas to Spice Up Your Graduation Photos | ASU Old Main & Palm Walk

ASU graduate throws confetti
Confetti stars for the graduation star!

Looking for a few simple prop ideas to spice up your Graduation Photo Shoot?!

Check out what Michelle did for hers at Old Main and Palm Walk at ASU's main campus.

By simply adding in a few props like a bottle of champagne, 'YAY' balloon and gold star confetti, Michelle was able to create a lot of fun options during her 30 minute photo shoot. PLUS it gave her something to do with her hands. Instead of getting in her head about what to do, she was able to play around with the balloon or toss the confetti creating natural images!

PRO TIP - bring a dust pan and bag to clean up your confetti mess after.

6 Graduation Photo Shoot Prop Ideas:

  • Colorful confetti

  • Champagne bottle to spray

  • Cap, gown, sash and cords - mix and match

  • Pet, Best Friend, Parents or Significant Other

  • Balloons - numbers or fun words!

  • Letter Boards

Another great way to shake up your grad session is by mixing and matching your looks. I always suggest wearing your gown in some photo then ditching it in others while leaving on your cap, sash and cords. You can see below how it makes her photos that much more diverse.

Mix and match your cap and gown! Wear the gown for some, then ditch it and just rock your cap and cords!


Another beautiful and successful ASU graduation session at Old Main and Palm Walk! No matter how many times I shoot there, I love capturing unique content for each graduate!

Ready to book your graduation photo session?!

ASU Graduation Photo Ideas! Save for later

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