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Rafting Through the Grand Canyon


5/12, 10:05am - JULIE - Hey Jennifer! Super random and last minute-like usual- but we have a spot open on river trip leaves May 16 and comes back the 24th if you're interested...

5/12, 11:09am - ME - Put me down for yes. I'm making this work!

Next thing I know I'm loading the rafts with all the fresh produce, meats and filling up the side tubes with the amazing crew at Arizona River Runners.

{ snapchat @ThisPhotoGirl }

I was a 'Work Your Way' which literally meant, I worked my way for the trip. Ever hear the saying 'fake it til you make it'? Welp, that was me. I had no idea what I was doing, but of course it didn't stop me, with a few great teachers, I had that shit down by day 2. Everyone was asking how many trips down the river I've done! CHAMP!

Rafts are ready to go!

{ cellphone photo }

Trips like this I always struggle on bringing my 'good camera.' Of course I always want to bring the Nikon D4, but it's not always the easiest to travel with, especially on a river rafting trip. Well, of course I brought it, but I didn't bust it out until day 3 or so...not because there wasn't beautiful photos to be made, but because I was truly in the moment of the experience.

View from the Colorado River

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 24-70; ISO: 200; Aperture: 6.3; Shutter: 1/1600}

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 24-70; ISO: 200; Aperture: 6.3; Shutter: 1/2000}

One of the widest spots in the Grand Canyon

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 24-70; ISO: 500; Aperture: 10; Shutter: 1/800}

Heart rock found at the bottom of Columbine Falls

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 24-70; ISO: 500; Aperture: 14; Shutter: 1/25}

Being completely unplugged for 10 days was a breath of fresh air. It was a scary thought at first, but after the first night, I was so immersed in the people, the moments and my surroundings I never even thought about my phone. Writing this is even a reminder of how great the feeling was and how I want to continue to make the effort to live each moment this way.

A few of my favorite memories.

Adventures are forever



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