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The family and I have had a whirlwind of a year. My husband Noah has been fighting for full custody of his daughter and to bring her to Arizona to be with him and I. It was a lot of plane rides, a lot of face timing, plenty of missing one another, and a beautiful ending with having Ezra move to Arizona.

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 70-200; ISO: 2500; Aperture: 4.5; Shutter: 1/400 }

With the holidays also around the corner we were really looking forward to getting family pictures to put on the wall, and make the house feel more like home. One of my best friends introduced me to “This Photo Girl” Jennifer and we feel so blessed for the introduction!

Jen met us at a restaurant to learn more about us and what we were looking for from the photo shoot. She was up for our adventure of a full day trip to Sedona, met our needs for when we were able to go, and that was that!

We loved that she was willing to ride up with us to get Ezra more comfortable prior to the shoot. Once we arrived Sedona we all packed up and walked around at the location Jen found! (I told her I would look for a spot too, and failed at that, but she took charge and found a beautiful spot).

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 70-200; ISO: 2500; Aperture: 4.5; Shutter: 1/400 }

She did not rush the shoot, she let us view pictures as they were being taken, let us do our outfit changes to make us feel comfortable, and was very professional. Even injured she was climbing into the bushes and onto the rocks to get the best angle for the picture! It just meant the world to us to have such an engaging photo shoot, with a ton of laughter, and tears… the good kind this time. This was beyond our expectations of what the family photo shoot would go like.

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 24-70; ISO: 2000; Aperture: 5; Shutter: 1/320 }

She gave us an instant sneak peek the next day, so we could have the instant gratification of sharing the photo. It is so nice to be around such a talented woman! She has an eye for the right lighting, the right background, the right outfit, etc. Her talents are the innate kind you cannot teach!

After we dropped her off at home, we all talked about how we can’t wait to take pictures with her every year, we truly found our family go-to photographer. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Thank you so much, Dominique for your kind words and being my first guest blogger!!! Check out a few more of my favorites below!



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