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Juliana | Graduation Session

One dark, cloudy afternoon, I met Juliana and her mom for her graduation photo shoot. For those familiar with Arizona, dark, cloudy, rainy days are not common to our beautiful state. I was a little nervous as the plan was to shoot during the golden hour at sunset. Within the first 10 mins, not only was the cloud coverage depressing, there were strong winds blowing Juliana's hair, graduation gown and sash everywhere! (Sorry Juliana for posting these!)

A photo shoot should be an awesome experience. This is your moment to shine and let loose and it's my job to capture your true personality during our short time together. And quite frankly, it was breaking my heart as I could see in her eyes she wasn't enjoying herself nor feeling confident. So, I made an executive decision to call the shoot and schedule a second shoot at a later date. The look of stress literally melted from her face.

Meeting on our makeup shoot date, the sun was shining and both of our spirits were high! Juliana had since graduated from ASU and landed the job she wanted out of state! She was relaxed, excited and ready to kill her shoot with all her sweet props she brought!

It's pretty standard for a grad to bring their cap and gown, but having recently walked, Juliana had her diploma, honor cords, an adorably decorated cap, a stethoscope and her momma! Check out some of our favorites from her Graduation Photo Session.

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 70-200; ISO: 1000; Aperture: 3.5; Shutter: 1/400 }

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 70-200; ISO: 1600; Aperture: 2.8 Shutter: 1/1000 }

{ NIKON D4; NIKON 70-200; ISO: 1250; Aperture: 3.5; Shutter: 1/500 }



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